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    If you are looking to relocate your family or office within any district of India. Moving a whole house, in its entirety, with all its articles can indeed seem like a Herculean task, but with the help of professionals from packers and movers in Mumbai, now this daunting task will become a breeze. Relocation services provided by these companies not only help in moving you from one city to another or even within a city, but also aid in the shifting process at various stages, like packing, making an inventory of all the articles being shifted, in order to ensure that none of them get damaged or misplaced during transit. There are movers and packers in Mumbai, who also provide packing services along with loading and unloading of items into the carriers, which forms one of the most harrowing tasks in moving your home or office

    Various home insurance policies do not cover the items that are moved without the help of professional packers. That is the reason why families these days in Punjab are opting for professional packers in Mumbai who, besides aiding you in the packing of your items in a categorical manner, also provide you with special packing materials that actually reduce the cost of packing to much less than what would have been originally incurred, had the packing been done by you.

    Moving becomes an even more daunting task, if the shifting has to take place to small towns that are off the track. However, movers in Mumbai helps you get rid of such worries with shifting companies helping you relocate even in the obscurest of villages in Punjab. It is understood by movers and packers in Mumbai that each article in the home that you took ages to decorate and design holds great emotional value, hence while moving great care is taken while shifting these items from the place of origin to the place of destination. Cost, effectiveness and functionality are all kept in mind while these companies help you in moving your hopes and dreams from one place to another.

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    About Allied

    Allied Movers & packers has been in the business for seven years now. Formed through the vision and initiative of Allied Movers & packers,we have earned its goodwill through sheer performance and customer satisfaction. Starting on a small scale, Allied Movers & Packers has expanded in a sure fashion. Today, it counts amongst its clients, some of the biggest names all over India. It is a credibility based on sustained achievement, records and customer care of the highest order.
    Allied Movers & packers is located in Lower Parel , Mumbai. It is a strategic location and many companies are more in need of a local storage facility than the one far off. Allied Movers & Packers Logistics holds the edge over many of the other players because it provides you with sterling after-storage service in terms of maintenance of your goods as well as their transportation.

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    Allied Movers & Packers Logistics knows that the basic need of warehouse will forever be the same — safety. Allied Movers & Packers works overtime to ensure that your inventory is stored in the most secure possible conditions under constant vigil, with emergency handling services on their toes. Our warehouse facility is fully insured with a security cover round the clock and throughout the week. The facility also has a fire fighting system in place to deal with accidents.

    Our facility is equipped to deal with a wide range of inventory types. Allied Movers & Packers Logistics ensures that the unique maintenance for the different kinds of goods are taken care of. Among the types of goods we warehouse are:

    • Cartons
    • Bags of 25 kg and 50 kg
    • Drums of up to 250 kg
    • Pallets of up to 2 metric tons
    • Jumbo bags of up to 1 metric ton
    • Wooden cases

    However, we do not store HAZ and HMS (Scrap) cargo. Only skilled manpower is used to handle your cargo. We have a range of specialized machinery to look after the handling of your inventory and only qualified personnel are deployed to operate these machines as well as the loading and unloading of your goods. We count hydras, forklifts and hand pallet trucks in our range of dedicated machinery.

    Public Warehousing : This service is provided to customers on a transactional basis, charging only for the resources used, saving them a sizeable amount on expansion ventures or in unlocking fixed costs.

    Contract Warehousing : For projects that demand a specific amount of resources, we can design a project based on our customer’s needs. We choose carefully the ideal site location, labour and handling equipment. These projects are negotiated in a cost plus basis, which helps better analyze jointly the overall costs involved. Contract Warehousing is available at Nhava Sheva, Kalamboli, Panvel, Bhiwandi and Pune .



    Industrial inventory, these days is of a highly specialized nature. Their handling requires not only great, but also very specific kinds of care. Certain products can be transported by only dedicated purpose-built vehicles. At Allied Movers & Packers Logistics, we have an impressive fleet of diverse transport vehicles to attend to your special needs.

    Container carriers: These are built for transporting containers. We maintain both TEUs (twenty foot equivalent units) and FEUs (forty foot equivalent units).

    Closed body trucks of 18 feet for mid-scale transportation.

    Open trucks of 20 feet also for mid-scale transportation.

    Three wheeler mini trucks for small loads to be transported over small distances.



    Allied Movers & Packers Logistics extends its list of unique services by providing transshipment services. Transshipment amounts to providing you help on three levels.

    Primary transport : This entails picking up the goods-say, a loaded container from Nhavasheva and sending it to the nearest destination. This service does not include unloading

    Crossing : We do crossing / dock crossing / cross shipment. This means taking the cargo from the container and transferring it into the truck. The customer is not required to pay for loading and loading. Only one side labour charges are applicable

    Secondary transport : Secondary transport can be provided for further dispatch to nearby locations within Maharashtra

    Clients also get to leave the remaining part-load at the warehouse for one day, free of cost!

    Value Added Services


    Allied Movers & Packers Logistics offers you that extra edge by giving you certain value added services to help your business even further

    Palletization and Fumigation : To keep industrial inventory in marketable shape over a period of time, care and maintenance are needed. Allied Movers & Packers provides you with just that with its palletization and fumigation services. These services are largely mechanized and hence, cost-effective. Standard quality carpentry and packaging is provided to clients

    Re-packing and Re-bagging : Allied Movers & Packers offers to take a further load off your back by offering this service. This ensures that your products are more market ready when you collect them

    Labeling : Yet another effort and time saving service we offer you

    Stuffing of Export containers : For non-excise-able (agricultural) goods, Allied Movers & Packers offers to handle the specialized duty of stuffing export containers if done under the supervision of Central Excise

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    There are certain evident factors which make Allied Movers & Packers Logistics a sound choice for any business..

    . Our warehouses are perfect with state of the art facilities. These include elevated platforms and proper ventilation, good lighting available from strategically placed transparent sheets on the roof, projected roof at loading/unloading points to facilitate work even during rain. These extensions are large enough to cover an entire truck<

    .Security is taken care of by a professional security agency. They are on guard, throughout the day, throughout the year

    .In addition, a logistics wing is also operated which helps clients remain in constant contact about their goods. Transaction details and stock positions are regularly updated and communicated to clients via WMS

    .All goods within the warehouse are covered by insurance for accidents of each and every kind

    .Located at a very convenient place right beside the highway

    .Consequently, the less vehicular congestion rules out the chance of indirect queues and unending delay

    .Labour force used for loading/unloading both experienced and trained

    .Fire safety standards continuously kept up to the mark

    .Immaculate maintenance of goods not only within the warehouse proper but in the whole premises

    .ver adjustable office hours to suit the demands of the moment

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